µObject : Battleship

At Agile Open Northwest, I had the opportunity to explore µObjects through a battleship kata. I felt the environment and process doing it during the mobbing session were a bit more contrived than I normally work with. Fortunately the limited amount we got through did show some of the power along architecture that microObjects drive. I'm curious how a full Battleship example in µObject will play out; as well as [Read More]

TagAlong: ReSharper Plugin

This is my first attempt at creating a plugin for ReSharper. It seems very daunting at first. It's taken me a few hours to actually figure out the base of what I wanted to do. This isn't due to poor documentation; but unfamiliarity with how. Once I see how; the documents make a lot of sense... Catch 22 in that area. Aside from blogging helping cement stuff mentally for myself; [Read More]

Technical Practices: Never Return Your Data

No Getters That's the normal form of this technical practice. No Getters There's some uncertainity around what "No Getters" means. OK, there's two versions of it. Yegor Bugayenko in Elegant Objects Vol. 1 says, It's all about prefixes That's section 3.5.3 in Elegant Objects Vol. 1. I very strongly disagree with it. When it's all about the prefix, then you're not effectively encapsulating behavior. If you're [Read More]

µObjects: Unit Testable UI Interactions

This is a follow up to the Hotel Pattern which I've pretty much abandoned, though it's concepts and ideas have evolved into my current practices. It ties into the Interface Overload mechanism I discovered as well. Though, neither fit well into the new µObject paradigm that I'm developing in. Both of those links are going to be useful to understanding what I'm striving for here in the big picture. Possibly [Read More]

Patterns: Null Object

I've covered never having nulls and that's what the NullObject pattern is here to help us with. The NullObject pattern is one that I tried to implement earlier in my career (mostly after reading about it) and never managed to get it to stick. I now know that it never stuck because I never did it right. I got close. I got rid of the nulls; but never the Null [Read More]