VBM on Android - The Mediator

There's actually a reason I put VBM in the title of this series. And aside from some lightweight organization of the UI layer, a major aspect to the VBM structure is utilizing the mediator as the layer to encapsulate any logic branching code and protect the rest of the system from such corrupting code; as much as possible anyway. The primary goal of this post is to see how to [Read More]

Early Thoughts: Object Oriented Encapsulation

I had some training Dec 2016 on Object Oriented Programming. It was pretty mind blowing. There was a lot of frustrations during the training. Took me a few days to switch my mind around to the approach the class was emphasizing. Which is very much Object Oriented Programming. Not just coding in an object oriented language; but really structuring and designing in an Object Oriented fashion. There were a few [Read More]

Link It - Adv Pair Programming - chelseatroy.com

The random internet brought me to Chelsea's post on Pair Programming. I think her posts a great write up of positive ways to improve the pair programming experience. This is the first post in her three post series Start there and read through. I've read a few other posts of her's; and she's made it into my RSS feed. I'm looking forward to more informative posts. [Read More]

Design & Development Principles - XP - Keyboard Circle

The Practices I've found 2 images that I think reflect how Extreme Programming approaches software development. These come from different perspectives; which drives their different layout. The first shows the interconnectedness of all of the XP practices. The interconnectedness means that utilizing "some" will not provide what XP is capable of. The missing practices will be stumbling blocks making it easier to argue to abandon all of it. This breakdown [Read More]

Testing Android - Dialog Testing

When doing TDD, or testing in general, on Android there's a lot of time you'll encounter an exception like the following java.lang.RuntimeException: Method {{METHOD}} in {{FQD.CLASS}} not mocked. See http://g.co/androidstudio/not-mocked for details. This is just saying that a call into the Android system components has happened. There's a gradle flag that's shown at the link in the exception message; android { // ... testOptions { unitTests.returnDefaultValues [Read More]

My Thoughts

I assume the general attitude about what I think is, "Shut up already" but... I never listen. :-P I'm looking to do some more frequent small posts, that don't require the level of technical involvement as my a couple of series Android Logger or HackerNews Android App. Book reviews are on the list of things to do... but those are gonna constitute heavy posts. I need to do a lot [Read More]

VBM on Android - Top Stories Full Data

I've thought a bit about my TDD limitations on Android and my discovery of the GoLang-y nature of interfaces. For the TopStoriesAdapter.ViewHolder to be tested; we can create a wrapper for other controls... Now I understand why Android didn't do it originally; performance; TDD was new... Lots of stuff. Sooo.... I think I'm going to be developing my own set of Widgets with a growing interface (not doing it [Read More]

VBM on Android - Top Stories Item Layout

Making the UI This is what we're starting with: and we'll be looking to improve this and effectively display the information from HackerNews. Let's start this with saying that UI; it's not my thing. I do my creativity in code. I don't really design UI; nor like doing the pixel pushing to get it singing. Animations... ehhh... I like that Android supports more elegant animations and pathing out of the [Read More]

TDD against Android UI Elements

I've been working very hard to not accept excuses for not having tests on something. I want to be able to TDD as close to 100% of an Android app as possible. I currently have a few areas I need to develop techniques to enable TDDing. One of these pain points was a class that had or used Android UI Elements. Since they fall into the "widget" package, I'll use [Read More]

VBM on Android - Top Stories Screen

OK - Looks like we've gotten to the point where building out a UI is gonna be a good next step. We need to know what we want to see to know what app innards to build up. Sure, sure "Top Stories"; but honestly, I have no idea what's in a top story payload. The topstories API is just ID's. [13593814,13593272,...] We can use the wonderful documentation and figure [Read More]