Fantasy Grounds Module Maker - It Works

Some friends and I play D&D through Fantasy Grounds. It's a great app, we have a lot of fun playing through it. While we start getting used to it; there's been interest in being able to make custom things. From a couple friends who've tried to do this through the FG UI; it's less than ideal. Which has me attempting to make a module maker. For 5E. I'll [Read More]

UWP HackerNews Reader - OOP

The HackerNews Reader app is a project I'm using to practice and beat new concepts into my head. It's not quite proof of concept level - because I understand the concepts; it's a playground of sorts. Originally it was a place to practice TDD and implement the now named Hotel pattern. After reading Elegant Objects my mental model of how to write code has changed. It's almost as mind altering [Read More]

UWP : Spike The List

NOTE: This was written about a year before posting. Churning I've been putting off working on the UWP app for a while. Part of it is routine change due to summer. The larger part is that I don't really know UI Widgets in UWP well (or any platform) and have bene very uncertain of where to go to TDD this properly. Where to start, what test to write. I could [Read More]

HackerNews UWP - Partial Item; Not a collection

NOTE: This was written about a year before posting. As mentioned in the last UWP post; we're going to reset a little and get just a single item going through the entire pipe. Losing the idea of Items for now and focus on just an Item and the ItemView. This is a bit of a refactor on the code base. I might end up dropping some tests. I don't want [Read More]

Kata - Game Of Life

NOTE: This was written about a year before posting; months before I stumbled on the MicroObject style. This kata is Conway's Game of Life. It's a simple set of requirements. The universe of the Game of Life is an infinite two-dimensional orthogonal grid of square cells, each of which is in one of two possible states, live or dead. Every cell interacts with its eight neighbours, which are the cells [Read More]