Technical Practices: Never Return Your Data

No Getters That's the normal form of this technical practice. No Getters There's some uncertainity around what "No Getters" means. OK, there's two versions of it. Yegor Bugayenko in Elegant Objects Vol. 1 says, It's all about prefixes That's section 3.5.3 in Elegant Objects Vol. 1. I very strongly disagree with it. When it's all about the prefix, then you're not effectively encapsulating behavior. If you're [Read More]

My Thoughts: Pass through vs Base class

A conflict that has come up a few times is using composition and a pass through or a base class I favor pass through; I write it that way Everytime. The other engineer on the project favors a base class. Here's an example of what we've encountered a few times in the project at work. public class CacheFoo : IFoo{ private ICache<IFoo> _cache: Private IFooer _fooer: //Berevity [Read More]

µObject Poker: Scoring a Hand

I found I'm not a huge fan of the video. I don't tend to put a lot of time and effort into each post; it's an opportunity for me to share research and experimentation with the world; as well as give myself a searchable brain. :) The video took WAY too much time. I figure if I'm going to be trying that again; I'll put it off and it'll have a [Read More]

M:TG Game - Event Bussing

I've been pondering how to do some µObjects in a more intelligent system for a while. I'm going to try to use Magic: The Gathering for this. Much like the poke one; the idea here is to explore µObjects and how they can be applied in more situations. With the M:TG example; I'm aiming to be able to play a game. Maybe not ALL cards or conditions; but... something. [Read More]

µObjects: Fluent Types

I expect us all to be aware of the anti-pattern Primitive Obsession. If not - there are some quick resources available. Now that we have an idea of Primitive Obsession; I'll give my reason(s) for not using primitives. The core of Primitive Obsession is to not represent a concept with a data type that isn't explicitly that concept. A zip code (in the USA) is NOT a number. It's [Read More]