Fantasy Grounds Module Maker - It Works

Some friends and I play D&D through Fantasy Grounds. It's a great app, we have a lot of fun playing through it. While we start getting used to it; there's been interest in being able to make custom things. From a couple friends who've tried to do this through the FG UI; it's less than ideal. Which has me attempting to make a module maker. For 5E. I'll [Read More]

TagAlong: ReSharper Plugin

This is my first attempt at creating a plugin for ReSharper. It seems very daunting at first. It's taken me a few hours to actually figure out the base of what I wanted to do. This isn't due to poor documentation; but unfamiliarity with how. Once I see how; the documents make a lot of sense... Catch 22 in that area. Aside from blogging helping cement stuff mentally for myself; [Read More]

µObjects: Pizza Shop - More µObjects

We return to our pizza shop to refactor. I like to check out my "TODO" or "Smelly" comments and see what I can clean up. I normally go for "TODO" as most tools have a way to list them for easy access. Visual Studio has a "Task List". I have 5 TODO's. Five things don't quite smell right. Let's fix these before [Read More]

µObjects: Temporally Coupled Decisions into Chain of Responsibility

µObjects: By Example - Playing Cards I've been a bit remiss on good code examples for µObjects. I've been planning a few things; never got them done. Almost entirely because I'm lazy. So... I'm going to try a simple example of the application of µObjects. Playing cards. I was gonna do Magic: The Gathering (M:TG) cards; but they're a bit complex for an initial go. And not sure everyone [Read More]

RabbitMq - First Hops

Get it, "Hops", 'cause "Rabbit". They "hop". HAH! ... I've started writing some code to explore an idea I've had bubbling around for... I think close to two years now. It's undergone a number of iterations, and discussions with a few people. It's finally reached a point I can start exploring the idea with code, seeing how it wants to be built. I say wants, [Read More]