Beneficial Results: Code Reuse

I don't remember exactly where or who, but writing re-usable code was impressed upon me as an important thing I now completely disagree with that. Do not write reusable code. One of the worst things you can do when writing code is to make it "re-usable" before you have multiple uses. I tried so much to make things re-usable. I mostly tried to make it as non-coupled to [Read More]

Patterns: Null Object

I've covered never having nulls and that's what the NullObject pattern is here to help us with. The NullObject pattern is one that I tried to implement earlier in my career (mostly after reading about it) and never managed to get it to stick. I now know that it never stuck because I never did it right. I got close. I got rid of the nulls; but never the Null [Read More]

Book Review: The Nature of Software Development

TL;DR: I loved the book. Go read it. Over the past few years working with a team of XP devs who've been using the XP practices for well over a decade each has taught me a lot. These amazing colleagues have helped me grow in just about every way. Including technically, which was a surprise to me. The technical growth wasn't direct from them teaching me new things; but [Read More]

µObjects: Being Cohesive

Cohesion for objects is how well the behaviors in the class belong together. Some very non-cohesive behaviors would be multiplying two numbers and splitting a string. Multiplying and Raising to a power can be very cohesive behaviors. How do µObjects do cohesion? That's what this is about. The simplest is - They only have one behavior. Let's dig into a little detail. µObjects are single purpose. Intrinsicly highly cohesive class [Read More]

Book Review: Beyond Legacy Code

Read It It's a fantasic book; and you should read it. Beyond Legacy Code This is one of the books that will help developers understand the best practices that lead to quality code. I started reading this book a year after I started applying the XP practices and really striving to do what is being talked about here. Beyond Legacy Code has provided new insights and arguments for, largely, the [Read More]