µObjects: Where our code meets the user

There's a couple types of places where the code we write interacts with the code someone else wrote. This could be another team, a 3rd party library, or the operating system. When we interact with these components, we're tying our code to their code in some fashion. The more these libraries are referenced in our code; the tighter we're coupling our code to their code. The issue here is that [Read More]

TagAlong: Appium Setup

NOTE: This is VERY casual writing. Basically; I'm jotting thoughts/steps down kinda haphazardly as I'm going through things. I'm not gonna clean this one up. If I feel like basing a heavy article on it; I will; but here - Pffft; deal with my madness! The Code If you're here; you probably want a sample. My sample is SUPER basic - Which can be SUPER nice. Go to my [Read More]