µObjects: Unit Testable UI Interactions

This is a follow up to the Hotel Pattern which I've pretty much abandoned, though it's concepts and ideas have evolved into my current practices. It ties into the Interface Overload mechanism I discovered as well. Though, neither fit well into the new µObject paradigm that I'm developing in. Both of those links are going to be useful to understanding what I'm striving for here in the big picture. Possibly [Read More]

My Thoughts: 'Interface' isn't harmful

My thoughts about Object Oriented Programming has evolved over the years. Especially in the past 6 months. My development of MicroObjects has caused a lot of thinking about Object Oriented Programming and how to develop better and more maintainable software. A lot of great discussions that have certainly helped drive the MicroObject concept to where it is now. One of the practices in Object Oriented Programming is Composition over Inheritance. [Read More]

µObjects: Being Loosely Coupled

Loose coupling is about how much a class knows about the objects it's using. The less a class knows about the components it is using; the better the decoupling. Or they are loosely coupled. How do µObjects fair with being loosely coupled? That's what I want to show today. µObjects are loosely coupled by coding to an interface A good start to classes being loosely coupled is coding to the [Read More]