I'm Quinn! I'm a software craftsman trying to make an online presence.

I'm currently working at a company attempting to grow the software craftsman practices across all teams.

About Blog

Overall, I'm writing to get my thoughts out. If it helps someone else; fantastic.

My goal for this blog is to have a visible platform to refine my views on some technical subjects.
This will be retrospective on what I'm doing for fun and at work. It's a place to document and share processes I've gone through, my thoughts on technical subjects. I'd like to share with a wider audience and get feedback.

Posting Cadence

My goal is to have at least one technical post published each Sunday. I might publish an additional technical post on Wednesday; but it'll be a "lighter" post. Part of a series, or an abandoned write up. I find failures to be informative, so I'm going to share instances I feel weren't worth continuing.

Other posts may appear; but outside of Sunday/Wednesday tech posts, I'm not considering them sufficient enough to count towards the posting cadence I'd like to maintain.

I can be reached via quinn at quinngil dot com.