µObjects: Unit Testable UI Interactions

This is a follow up to the Hotel Pattern which I've pretty much abandoned, though it's concepts and ideas have evolved into my current practices. It ties into the Interface Overload mechanism I discovered as well. Though, neither fit well into the new µObject paradigm that I'm developing in. Both of those links are going to be useful to understanding what I'm striving for here in the big picture. Possibly [Read More]

My Thoughts: Unit Test - Examples

I got a tweet from boltyk on twitter asking about a post on types of unit tests. https://t.co/bSV7nDcQ4O @TheQuinnGil I think I have all kind of unit test levels you described, but can you show some examples of your ideal test in the real system? Or, even better, record some TDD session doing these kind of tests?— boltyk (@boltyk) January 9, 2018 This post is from [Read More]

CodedUI Tests and Windows Hello in UWP

Using Visual Studio CodedUI Automated Tests for logging in via Windows Hello / Micrcosoft Passport! We're implementing the ability to use Windows Hello, or Microsoft Passport, to log into our app. The exact mechanism of how we handle credentials isn't important here. As the title suggests, this is about using the CodedUI tests for getting Automated Tests in place. We had a short struggle around getting the CodedUI / UIMap to recognize [Read More]

MyThoughts - Requirements Drive Design

A recent comment on the blog had me start to implement a Formatter for the Android HackerNews app. I did work on it and realized quickly that I had no idea what I was doing. Not that I can't code (ehhhh...); I had no requirements driving it. I was putting in a pattern for the sake of using a pattern. This emphasized to me the need to have a requirement [Read More]