Beneficial Results: Code Reuse

I don't remember exactly where or who, but writing re-usable code was impressed upon me as an important thing I now completely disagree with that. Do not write reusable code. One of the worst things you can do when writing code is to make it "re-usable" before you have multiple uses. I tried so much to make things re-usable. I mostly tried to make it as non-coupled to [Read More]

Teach Yourself MicroObjects: Output the Data

Encapsulation - it's a huge part of what allows us to be highly effective developers. It's what MicroObjects is about. Encapsulation is the highest thing to strive for when striving to write good code. If we encapsulate our data so effectively that we can never just access the data... how can we get the data? The basic answer is that you can't. The data is never yours to retrieve from [Read More]

Book Review: Java by Comparison

I got Java By Comparison from Amazon a while ago. I wasn't impressed with what my initial page flipping showed me. I skimmed it and largely evaluated based on name and example code. Feel free to ignore my review based on the fact I skimmed. Any Code Crafter book has to have two things for me to consider it worth purchasing AS a code crafter book. No Getters. This advocates [Read More]

Technical Practices: Never Return Your Data

No Getters That's the normal form of this technical practice. No Getters There's some uncertainity around what "No Getters" means. OK, there's two versions of it. Yegor Bugayenko in Elegant Objects Vol. 1 says, It's all about prefixes That's section 3.5.3 in Elegant Objects Vol. 1. I very strongly disagree with it. When it's all about the prefix, then you're not effectively encapsulating behavior. If you're [Read More]

µObjects: Unit Testable UI Interactions

This is a follow up to the Hotel Pattern which I've pretty much abandoned, though it's concepts and ideas have evolved into my current practices. It ties into the Interface Overload mechanism I discovered as well. Though, neither fit well into the new µObject paradigm that I'm developing in. Both of those links are going to be useful to understanding what I'm striving for here in the big picture. Possibly [Read More]