Azure B2C - WHY?!

With my original Mtg Discovery site ( I looked into using Azure B2C for auth... HAHAHAHA... No. It was faster/easier to roll my own JWT creation/validation.

Pretty messed up when roll your own is easier.

I'm creating V2 of the site. That's what we do. Second time is always better. And it's super MicroSoft stack. C#, all in Azure. Dumb UI...

Decided to not roll my own auth. Using Azure B2C. It's dumb.

Like... I knew I was the idiot. All my fault. Once it's working - It's fucking slick. It's abstracted authentication hell away from me. I love that.

I've spent almost 24 hours beating my head against it. IT JUST WOULDN'T WORK!

And for fucks sake - I followed multiple quick starts. Did lots of stuff. Tonight... Sat down and started over. Found a(nother) quick start.

This is a simple post for my future self of how the hell to get azure b2c working.

FIRST: Create Tenant (

LAST: Register App (

Follow those two quick starts and you're golden!!! HAHA - Nope.

You'll need to go into the App Registration -> Authentication and check the "Access Tokens (used for implicit flows)". I don't think it SHOULD need to be checked, but it failed until I did that.

So... Really slick - but it's been SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS to figure out exactly what to do.

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