Azure AppConfig and KeyVault

Another quickie post.

As I'm working through powershell for my IaC I saw that AppConfig can access secrets stored in KeyVault.

This means I get to put my secrets into a keyvault... and then just reference the keyvault!

It's like the AppSettings can reference keyvault. This should be pretty sweet. If things change, only one place to update stuff.

Anyway - Giant Pain In The Ass.

The setting I needed were... not clear.

And... Fuck... I did some stuff manually... Oh... right - this is all manual. I'm poking around to figure out WTF needs to happen... kinda figured it out... at midnight.

This'll go well.

Since I have a NUCLEAR.ps1 script to blow away stuff... gonna make it go boom.

It went BOOM, and only a couple extra adjustments needed.

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