TDD LCD Kata - Part 5

I talked a lot - Now to see things happen!

We want to use the discussed indexing approach!

I almost screw up and go off the rails with a failing test!!! The HORROR!!!

After getting everything green; we dive into refactoring into the plan from the last video's discussion.

It's a little long and boring watching me type it all out... but so be it! It's the process, this is what live coding looks like. :)

Once I figure out what I'm doing, I go the brute force path. Hard coded stuff, just trying to get things to work.

I enjoy how quickly patterns stand out while working in code. I'll often start to refactor to emphasize the pattern. This isn't extracting anything, but continue to 'brute force' things and adjust similar things to be more similar. This helps when it comes time to actually refactor.

Sometimes we debug... Mmmmm, breakpoints.

Ahhh, I remember debugging this stuff. It was fun. Great times... great sniffly times.

Things are all broken... still. But further along. Better understanding - It's better.

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