TDD LCD Kata - Part 4

Let's get to MULTI-DIGIT ... dig...its... Yeah!

0-9 are done - MULTI DIGIT TIME!

Let's go to 10!

I've gone into the multi-digits with an idea, and ... it's the wrong idea.

This is my favorite video of the entire set for this series. I don't do much coding...

A huge part of my reason for doing this is to show REAL coding by an experienced developer. Including the times "I Don't Know"

This shows thinking through options. Not a big design, but approaches. What are the things we could try? What are a few things that might work? Experienced developers don't know the answer.

The video shows me thinking this through. I had no prep, no workable ideas before starting. This video is me working out approaches to a problem I've never faced before. This is what I do...
Uncertainity is part of it. It's a fun part for me. Tests help with that uncertainity.

Get an idea out there. It may suck, but itterations of it may be better, may be good... may be the best choice.

Have fun listening to me work out ideas!

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