TDD LCD Kata - Part 3

Let's get to digit 6!
This is just following the pattern we've followed established in the first 5 digits.

Despite my habit of going top-down to modify the tests before I rename; I life the bottom up approach. When I get to the top, I know I can rename it.

I continue to have the tests not share with the values the production code uses. This ensures I can't change one and have the test pass.

TDD can seem slower, but when you're fluid, it's fast. Even if it's a bit slower; the safety net and guarantee of functionality is invaluable.
TDD helps us in the design of our code.
TDD does A LOT for us.
TDD does A LOT for the engineers that come after us.

CTRL+D as duplicate doesn't copy into the clipboard; a useful aspect to it.

Pair programming is useful to learn new tricks to be more efficent. I babble when recording to pretend like I'm talking to a pair.
Pair programming helps me not be a dumbass.

I really enjoy how I call out that I use tests for when I eventually screw up - and I screw up.

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