TDD LCD Kata - Part 2

Live coding, hehe... pre-recorded.

Gotta keep the code resharper green! Hell yeah!

At the start here I decide to do all the digits first before moving onto multiple digits. Was it a good idea? I don't know - it was an idea! That's all you need.

I get to share my loved column select! It's nice. Learn it, it has uses.

I gave Live Testing a lot of grief when it was in VS2017; I really like it. I had a project it was kinda borked on in VS2019 recently; but I think it's a great assest.

I expect it's a bit boring to watch me type the same basic thing... I find me boring too.

RECORDING AT WORK! I CONFESS... It was a nice conference room.

You should pay attention to how I re-type the characters every time. As seen in the first video, we don't want to change false positives due to typos.

While there's some repetition in the tests, they value is the safety net they provide later. They document EXACTLY what is expected of the code.

I make a mistake along the way, see if you can catch it before I do...

Rename after you change the content. Doing this while we practice (or in this case demo-ing) helps build the muscle memory. Practice it explicitly and you can use it easier in more situations.

Do the simplest thing. Don't be creative. Don't be clever - Simplest.

... Until NEXT TIME!

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