TDD LCD Kata - Part 6

Following up from our failing test for 10... Let's get back to it

I don't have to step through code often. It's fun to do it sometimes.

While stepping through, I try to express what I expect and then my surprise when I get the actual.

Oh, off by 1 errors, how much I adore you...

Extract Variable refactoring! It's great to improve the readability of the code. Express the idea that's in the code so there's no need for mental translation or deciphering.

Gotta refine the test to actual expectations. And then be baffled why it's not what we want...

Names are easy to change. Just make it a little better.

It finally passes! Now to tweak the code... ya know... more refactor.

ReSharper squiggles can go away... don't do that in your code.

Mucking about with the code to see what it looks like.

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