Not JUST blogging?

Something that's been brought up to me, repeatedly, is if I can show how I do things.
My style of coding is something that isn't common. It's well recognized by experienced developers as something they used to great success in the past. It's not easy. It's got a learning curve.

As a Technical Coach, I have to play in an odd space between knowing a more effective way to accomplish the same task and helping them understand how to modify their code.

I, of course, help them where they are; that's what a coach is for. There's more though. There's more I can provide insights into. How can I help them with that?

Unfortunately, there's not a lot I can do with them right now. I can try to help others though. Provide some insight into my thought process, how I work on code. How I transform code.

That's what I'm going to try and extend my blogging to be. Not just me exploring ideas, but starting to share the application of those ideas.

I don't really want to say "share". I'm still not doing this for you. This is for me. (mostly as blog filler)

I've gotten two kata's done for videos; and it was fun. I'm going to post small increments weekly as it fits around other blogging I do.

Let's start coding!

I start with FizzBuzz using TDD by the book! Where else would I start except FizzBuzz?

This was recorded one night at Agile 2019. A great conference with a lot of great outcomes.

A great (and improving) feature of Visual Studio is Live Testing which I'm using for quick feedback.

This video starts off with a lot of non-code. It's setting up what the FizzBuzz problem is. Added as a comment from scratch... I didn't plan it out very well.
I talk a lot about it... probably too much; but you may have never done FizzBuzz and I bet it'll help.

Using TDD and the Arrange/Act/Assert style of testing, the coding starts!

I learned that the parameter name of a method doesn't show up if the passed in variable is named the same thing!!! I think that's so COOL
No Param ToolTip

After getting the test passing; I blather on while doing some refactoring.

FizzBuzz TDD by the Book - Part 1

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