Pizza Shop Training - MidRange

Oh YEAH! I'm BACK! ... Sorry for that.

Anyway; the second set of requirements! Which... I call mid range. Because... Well... it adds the middle pizza.

  • Mid Range

    • New Pizza Size: Medium for $12
    • Family changed to Large
    • Description format: "{Pizza Size} Pizza with {Toppings}"
    • Toppings need to be removable
    • Usage Tracking System
      • Track the usage of toppings.
        • Personal: 1 unit of each topping
        • Medium: 1.5 units of each topping
        • Large: 2 units of each topping
      • Implementation detail: This is an in-memory tracking.
      • Provide the usage of the system at any time as text.

That's the new set of requirements. ... Watch me flounder around and flail like there's no tomorrow! ... With the pandemic... there may not be!

Here's the full playlist

I want to apologize for the apparent "whine" in the audio... Not sure what that is... except really annoying.

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