4: High-Quality Software /is/ possible

... Before I even read the blurb in the book... NO SHIT.

And the example is the Space Shuttle... for $1000/loc.

Oooo, include the customer... What a concept. (It's apparently Principle 8).

There's requirement verification (another principle) which... Not really. I'm very emergent design-y.

I'm not gonna list the other points here; they are additional principles in the book (8, 11, 12, 13, 67, 98, 130, and 131).

So... by following 8 principles, you achieve a principle. ... Well... yeah? ish?

I think this point is going a massively wrong direction. Epic error in approach. Yes, the shuttle software is expensive. Yes, the martian rover software is expensive.

I bet SpaceX's spaceship software isn't $1000/Loc in 2020's; which is about $3110. SpaceX has got to have practices in place to quickly produce high quality code. Not needing it to be so robust it's possible to PROVE correctness.

This comparison is ... wrong. It's so flawed to almost make the point wrong. Like Principle 3; the statement is right, the reasoning is wrong.

Yes, we can create high quality software... No, it's not 20x the cost. It's actually less costly when done with quality as a primary consideration.

We're not batting 50% of the information being super problematic... I definitely can't recommend this book to anyone... yet? Maybe... It's CLEARLY too out of date.

Anyway... yes, we can have high-quality software; you just need to do it.

OK... gonna move on... I really hope I can stop having to complain, and start agreeing.

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