IMOCK - Official

It's official; there's a release for the IMock tool I've created.

The first actual release being available on the repo Releases isn't enough for me.

There's a few components to this project right now. OK... really just 2 components.


There's the core pieces that make up the IMock framework. This is what we built to mock out things while working on UWP. You can download the binaries or source code straight from the release in the Zip file.

That's OK - but as I rolled off the team; there needed to be a better way to get updates to the teams using the tool.


NuGet is clearly a win here. So that got created. You could pull it down from the release as the nupkg file.
That's not easy, clear, or part of a developers normal process. It's the exception.
It needs to be discoverable.... obtainable? from the NuGet packages manager in Visual Studio... So it is.
This enables finding and installing the IMock utility classes quickly and easily.


The next component is a plugin for ReSharper. I've blogged about my ReSharper plugin adventures before. To keep that available to myself easily, but more importantly - Others - I've made got an automated deploy of the ReSharper plugin in the ReSharper Gallery.
This plugin auto-generates the Mock classes that the IMock utility is intended to create. Having worked with IMock since the very early days; where it took 30 minute to create a Mock (but oh so very useful once created); to the template days where it took abotu 5 minutes... and with the ReSharper plugin - 30 ms. (ok, maybe a little more, but it's nice symmetry). I make sure the plugin is up to date and I fix the bits that annoy me.


I'll be working on integrating this tool into the Pizza Shop video series. I'll pull it out as it's standalone playlist (it'll be more than 20 minutes of video) and get that available and a blog post talking about the steps.

Source Code?

I've found using this that occassionally new things come up and I modify the source code to do the new/variation for me. I'll get those changes in pretty readily, but I don't know what others are modifying; I'd love to get additional inputs into this for things it's not covering well (or at all).

The source is available from the repository.

I hope it helps - I'm pretty excited I finally got it to a "Release". WOOOOOO!

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