Pizza Shop Training - Initial Requirements - Video 8

THE END IS HERE!!! Hopefully not from COVID-19.... I've scheduled this on April 4th... Who knows where the world will be in a month...

ANYWAY.... last video for the first set of requirements for the pizza shop.

I'm not 100% happy with everything; the TODO's can show that. It's good. I can't see solutions, but I know areas that need to be revisited.

It's better to not force abstraction when you can't see a good way to add it. I'll wait quite a while if I can't find an abstraction I'm comfortable with. If the Concept doesn't stand out; then there's no way I can accurately represent it. I'd rather have no representation than the wrong representation.

Enjoy Part 8 of the 8 part series of implementing and refactoring the first of the Pizza Shop Requirements.

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