Pizza Shop Training - Initial Requirements - Video 1

I have an experiment I'm trying out. Pizza Shop as Training.
I referenced this before in a filler post.

If you'd like to try this yourself... here's the requirements that appear briefly in the video

  • The Scenario

    • This is a pricing system for a pizza shop. They're expanding beyond simple Cheese and Pepperoni and decided on a little automation to generate the price and description. Not much, just making life a little easier.
    • This is just the price calculation for pizzas. We can imagine someone else will build the UI on top of your logic.
      • NOTE: No UI and No Database
        • The focus on this training is Object Oriented. The UI/DB interactions need their own exercise focuses.
  • The Requirements (This is what you build)

    • The shop has 2 pizza sizes, personal for $9 and family for $18
    • There are two types of toppings; Regular for 10% of the pizza price and Meat for 15% of the pizza price.
      • Regular Toppings: Mozzarella, Mushroom, Olives
      • Meat Toppings: Pepperoni, Bacon, Ham
    • The following functionality is expected
      • Create a pizza
      • Add a topping to the pizza (before and after viewing the price/description of the pizza)
      • Get Price of pizza (as a text type) at any time
      • Get Description of the pizza at any time

I've done some recoding of me working through the first set of requirements.

Here it is! In all it's... glory?

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