Pizza Shop Training - Soon

I've done some code for a flavor of the Pizza Shop before and it's a pretty good demonstration of my MicroObject practices.
Not the best. There's some aspects I was still playing with.

I've expanded the basics of the Pizza Shop to some OO training. I'm running some test cases at work.

I'm running myself through it as well. I'm not going at a fast pace, I'm trying to get it done as a video series. I'm sure you'll enjoy that.

It's interesting to be holding myself back while doing things. I KNOW where it's going... I oft want to build to that. It'll look like I do sometimes... but it's just good practices. :)

My favorite is that I have an inventory tracking system as part of the requirements. I had zero idea how to do that when I started... Part of why I'm going through it... I hope to better help others through it... But I had zero idea.

Simplest First.

Seriously - Simple.

I did one small thing, then another small thing. When a problem is broken down into small bits, there is no problem; just small things that are easy to take care of.

After a very short order, I had a functional inventory system. It was simple. Not perfect yet. I had to hold off on some changes I'd like to see because... I want a little more driving those changes.

It's nice to have the reminders that knowing how to solve a problem isn't that important to solving a problem. Break it down, do small bits. It all adds up to the desired result.

Also - I sucked at planning a blog this week... HAVE A SHORT RAMBLE!!!

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