Using TCR

I created a script... let's see how it goes...

It went stupid well... Kinda annoyed by it

The video is a bit long; 25 minutes; and is embedded below.

Stupid Well

I want to talk about this going stupid well. It's not due to the TCR, I made intentional mistakes to demonstrate the reverting. Some unintentional too; but I... blew through the problem.

It was fibonacci, not complex - But I had no idea I'd hit on the right answer that quick... I assume it laid dorment in my brain until just the right moment... which is apparently a youtube video that'll get a few watches.

I feel bad about it because it doesn't really SHOW TCR in action... It shows me taking tiny steps.

This is one of the reasons I'm not "MUST DO TDD" and "if you know how, but don't do TDD, it's as bad as not knowing it". ... I think thats bullshit.
I have my ranting there - I never went red. I wasn't TDDing. I was doing small incremental changes.


This is my practice writing code - Small. Incremental. Changes.
TDD drives that. TCR drives that.
If you write a small bit of code then a test for it.
It's the right mindset.

Trying TCR with that mindset made it easy to use. It wasn't painful; it was fun. Doing bigger things, it'll hone my skill as a dev with the tools I'm using. Refactors will NEED to be tool driven. It'll NEED to happen in a small steps.

These are GREAT things. Will it take "longer"... to make the change... maybe. You'll understand the code better.
Make different decisions?
We don't get to gloss over steps when we have to take small steps.

Watch it

I really don't have a lot - The video is a bit long. I forgot some set up...

Watch it if you want. There's not nearly enough pain for you to laugh at... I'm planning another that should hurt somewhat.

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