One Year

I'm writing this post quite a ways in advance, Oct 05 2017. But I've got enough queued up that this is schedule for Dec 31, 2017. This will be 1 year since my first post.

I enjoy blogging.

I've finally found a kinda groove where I just... try things and write about it.
I have Yegor's 256 Blog Hacks sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. While I'd not mind a higher readership; this isn't for you. It's for me. I always get a lot of clarification when writing things out. I'll have to defend a position I don't much like... and I can't. This will make me pivot in the post writing to solve the problem in a defensible way.

I like to do a lot of research and experimentation and the blog has provided me a way to feel some value from it. It's a way for me to "retain" that knowledge without having to keep it active in my brain. I know I've used RabbitMq... don't have a clue what I did... But I know I have a post about it.
This allows me to do a lot more and be able to keep the lessons I learned. I've used a few of my posts at work as the reference for how to accomplish things that we needed to get working.

I've no plan to stop writing on this blog. At this time of writing; I'm starting heavy promotion of my µObject concept... Wonder what it'll be like when this gets published. :)

I'm enjoying this; and that's all I need to keep doing it.

Thanks for reading and being part of the experiment with me.


It's Dec 31st now. The last 3 months have been pretty awesome. I wrote the above a few days before the very first µObjects post.

This blog has served the purpose I hoped it would. It helps me think about things. It gives me a place I can direct people to for my thoughts on something. This blog is definitely still for me; but I always do hope my ramblings can help others.

I read some of the Blog Hacks book... striving for a higher readership will take time and effort, so nope. :)

Blogging has worked for a year. My Ghost subscription is renewed for another year; so I'm going to keep going.

Hell, I still have 3 months of posts ready to go that µObjects sidelined. :)

Thanks, again, for being part of this experiment.


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