Trying to Blog!


I've made a few attempts at doing a blog before. They never worked well.
I normally forget all my struggles with the code as soon as I move on; or ... suck at writing.

I don't expect the either of these to be fixed quickly, but I'm going to attempt to document my thoughts on coding. I place a heavy emphasis on code quality, so a lot of my posts will end up being about how to detect, improve and maintain that.

I've started writing code to demonstrate concepts and ideas I've had. I want to spread that knowledge wider than my immediate team, or workplace. Code languishing in a github repo ain't gonna cut it; so... A BLOG! ... Also not gonna cut it, but it's a bit more.


Me! I'm Quinn. I'm a software engineer with a passion for good code. I'm very boring otherwise.


Uhh... hands on keyboard?

What Else?

I don't really know at this point. I've a half dozen ideas for posts that I'd love to share. Mostly sharing the code I've written to demonstrate these concepts.

Quinn Gil

Code Crafter beating the drum of Development Best Practices. Extreme Programming and Object Oriented Design.

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