Review: Efficient Android Threading

Review: Efficient Android Threading

I read Efficient Android Threading back in May 2016. It was part of a dozen or so Android books I read over the summer months.

This is my first book review post. I expect it'll be a little light. Largely because of having read the book 7 months ago.

This is an Android technical book I recommend. There aren't many I can say that about.

This book does an excellent job of covering the topics relevant to Android's threading capabilities.
It covers some basics about threading and some Java aspects of threading; but most of the book is focused on Android functionality that intersects with concurrency issues.

Some light coverage of Message/Looper/Handler topics. I enjoyed that RPC/AIDL got an entire chapter. I read this during a time I was actively working on some RPC/AIDL problems for products and this chapter treated the subject well.

A chapter each for Service/IntentService/ContentProvider/Loaders is a high point for the quality of the book. There is a chapter on basic threading topics, but as prep to the rest of the Android Components where concurrency matters.

The book was read 7 months ago. It still stands out as a book that I recommend android developers reading.

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