Quanity and Conversion

We're using the UWP Maps control to display some stuff at work. The data we get is in miles and the map wants meters. How to do this maintainably?

The namesake of the blog. The Quanity and Conversion patterns. These are described in Fowler's Analysis Patterns. It was originaly shown to me by Fred George in his Object Oriented Bootcamp.
It's clearly one of the more impactful patterns for me. :)

One of the reasons is my Physics backgrouknd. It makes a lot of the efforts I tried to create systems to do calculations seem.... so terrible. Quantity and Conversion are what I needed to make the systems extendable.
Oh well... Live and learn.

Now that I know; I've been looking forward to a time to bring these guys into work code.
I know a couple systems that will be using money; which may not need the conversion as much. In which case we can use Fowler's Money pattern from Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture.

There's some other awesome stuff these patterns lead into; which - Who knew there were types of units.

That's all I have to say, really - A couple patterns that can help code be clean and maintainable.

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