Still No Primitives

Still No Primitives

Working on my Magic: The Gathering site ( I have to tweak it to hand a new(er) style of foil on the card; "Etched".

The data feed I've been using has it different than foil or non-foil. SO... That was fun.
Note: I'll be updating all to use the same data source in the JSON to make similar things more similar.

While this is pretty simple and direct; I'm using DTOs. I've got it a little... hacky? I'm not a fan, but it's working. I have the "JSON INTO" DTO and I have another DTO that I use as the base of all my methods that return objects representing state; and as the DTO used to write to cosmos.

The migration of incomingDTO to cosmosDTO  is just assigning values. Well... I added a new Property to both.


Also... guess who doesn't have tests...

Because primitives have a default value, they work just fine. Being a bool made it even worse.

Pretty much just a reminder to myself that primitives are a PIA. (also I should have tests)

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