Stupid UI

I don't like working with the UI. I often exaggerate and go with "I hate the UI". It's not a space I really enjoy working. I enjoy (most) everything between the UI and the Database.

I've got my actual phrasing down to "It's not a domain I enjoy". Which is true. It's not a domain I enjoy spending a lot of time in. I don't go home and think about it. I don't play with it in my head.

UI doesn't engage me the same way code does, so I don't enjoy it... as much. I'm still pretty good at it.

I'm working on a website. Which... kinda requires a UI. So... have to dive in and do it. I'm doing it crappy; I understand that. I don't spend enough time to be GOOD at it. :) Good enough though.

I've realized another element of why I may not enjoy UI work. I'm not good enough at it.
Not the code or HTML side. I'm not going to do ANYTHING there isn't a stack overflow answer for; I can get ALL of the functionality I want in place; no question there.

I can't make it look good. It doesn't match what I'd like it to be visually. I don't even know what I want it to be...

And ... I don't like the feelings when the UI isn't good enough for me. I'm doing it all, and ... I don't know how to make it better.

I think I kinda knew I felt like that, but this project brought it into focus for me.

It's a project I actually want to continue working on. Mostly because I'll ben actively using it and trying to fix/improve it for whatever little annoyances I have with it.

But... there's UI elements I'm just NOT happy with. Oh well... in the end, it's a tool for me, built by me... I'll either live with it, or pay someone to tell me how to make it better. :)

As this is a "API" driven site, I could give someone what I got and just go - Make it good. ... might be harder for me to fix post... so WHO KNOWS!!!

Anyway... because Sam beat it into my head; I have to mention that UX is not UI.

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