27: Stop when you achieve your goal

Outcome Focused.
If the book's paragraph is anything but having an outcome focus... I'll just be ... not even disappointed. Yeah... I don't expect a lot from this book. I need a better one to do this with... I think I have a "N things a BLAH should know"... Not as bullet point like as this book, but... maybe...

Anyway; If you're outcome focused, you're going good. Let's see what the book says...

... In the worst way possible...

It's talking about a process, tools, procedures of... largely analysis.

If you understand your problem adter doing only half the steps of a method, stop.

Yeah... but... No. That's not the goal. It's a goal... but... It's the stupid, "Technically, yes"... but that's not the point. Analysis is waste (from a lean stand point). That's not our goal. It's a part of getting to the goal.

I recognize that "customer focused" hasn't always, and still isn't, the driving factor for software... but the goal is the value we're delivering to the customer. Sure; we can fuck up the process to get there...

OK... As I sorta agree... I just hate so much of the phrasing... They're practically useless w/o the book to know more.

"Stop the analysis when you're learned what you need".
That; I agree with. It's also what the book says.

Gah - This book bothers me. And there's 201 of these I want to go through... No wonder I took a break. It hurts me to see things SO CLOSE... and yet so wrong.

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