15: The More Seen, the More Needed

... I'm not even sure what this one means.

I gotta jump straight to the book...

OK - Users want more. Keep your documentation. Plan your configuration Procedures.

I agree with the intent of this. It shows it's age though. With the bandwidth and web centric nature of software - things change.

The biggest difference I see is CI/CD. Be ready to deliver at any time. This might be a principle later - but It's what we need to do.

Once we have a delivery pipeline; all the way into produce; before we write a single line of code - THEN you KNOW you can deliver at any time. Anytime something else is required to push into production - You know. You know as quickly as your pipeline gets to production. There's no scramble when you want to deliver to get everything working; to remember what happened at that piece the requires something now.

Setting up the CI/CD pipeline all the way to production isn't just about ability to deliver.
It's getting it in the hands of your users.
It's ensuring no "gotchas".
It's finding issues to resolve EARLY.
It's exposing integration issues.

CI/CD into production is the only way we can be confident of our system.

While the book advocates documentation - You don't need as much when you can push to production all the time. You don't have to recall what was needed; you do it.
Use Infrastructure as Code to avoid documenting the infrastructure requirements.

We have so much more now... This point is... almost wrong. Yes, users want more stuff... what do we do about that?

Optimize how we change and deliver the software. That's how we can enable ourselves to best respond to the customer requests.

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