Burn out

3 Months ago... That's how long my last post was... bleh... Sorry.

Anyway - I burnt out in a few ways. I needed to drop some stuff and the blog got hit.

I've got a few posts written that were never scheduled... More of the 201 software series. I'm not a huge fan of them. It's just some thoughts... not the OO focus I'm passionate about. That's the reason for the blog.

I was just been trying to keep it up for the previous 18 months of posts. Hit my limit with ... stuff.

Anyway - Some change is coming, and I think it'll help me get some OO focused posts back going. Definitely some experimenting to do... Stay tuned?
Or not?

I'll queue up the few posts I have... and we'll see where I land with the new stuff.

I'm looking forward to the OO focus again... it's what I enjoy writing about.

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