TDD LCD Kata - Final

Got to green last time, now it's time to refactor and get it flowing!!!

Patterns have started to show themselves; we extract it. We make similar things more similar so that we can extract the general form.

If you have an idea; try it. If it works - Awesome. If not, you've learned.

Brute force it. Do whatever works, whatever gets us closer to where we want to be. Our tests keep us safe. Of course, this requires we go back and clean up. We don't leave our mess in the code.

Unit tests help keep us on track. The Live Testing feedback is fantastic. I use it to identify the line the test fails on.

Oh Noes... I used GreaterThan... :( One of my practices is to never use the Greater Than symbol >. LLewellyn has a post I like about it.

After some further refactoring... We've developed a general case that will create LCD for all digits.

The solution could be cleaned up - But... it works. All cases covered.

We used TDD to find a general solution for the LCD kata - WOOOO!

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