Live Coding - TDD FizzBuzz Part 3


Let's start the SECOND requirement... We may be going slightly slower than I've seen FizzBuzz done... Maybe...

I can't think of any additional tests that will fail for the first requirement, since we have a general solution - We can move onto the next requirement.

A nice hot key from the Video is CTRL+D to duplicate.

Predict why the test will fail; make sure it's failing for the expected reason!

Simplest to make the test pass. We give it an input; and have expected result - Sounds simple.

When refactoring, remember to check more than just the code you're writing.

Change the test before you change the name!

Refactor when you see a PATTERN in the code.

(I didn't edit the stuff I was thinking I should have)

Add new code without changing existing code.

That's got us to a complete second requirement! YAY!

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