XP 2019 : Experience Report

I presented twice at XP 2019!

One of them was about the MicroObjects technical practices.
Which was fantastic! It's a great opportunity to share what I've found useful!

This post is about the second presentation; the experience report.

I promote the MicroObjects technical practices because I've seen how they impact the quality of code. How they simplify and improve maintainability. I've seen huge improvements from the application of these practices; and great success on projects they've been used on.

Developing a Windows Store (UWP) app at work was the first opportunity I had to really apply these types of practices, in full. For XP 2019 I got to share the story about that. I'm thrilled and thankful for this!
I got to connect with some great people about the power of these practices and had a great time talking about how things went on the project.

Feature Parity in 25% of the Developer Hours

It was fantastic!
The slides I had for the talk are on my (speakerdeck)[https://speakerdeck.com/fyzxs/experience-report-feature-parity-in-25-percent-of-the-dev-hours].

I really appreciate the AgileAlliance, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, and ESPECIALLY Johanna Rothman; who was the shepherd for writing the experience report. Which means Johanna did the impossible job of turning my writing into something other people would enjoy reading.

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