Two Years

I've been blogging for two years now. Well... Nearly two years as I write this on Thanksgiving. :)

Last year I was in a really good groove cranking out posts. I had a lot fo really new stuff for me.
This past 1/2 year has been a bit of a struggle for writing. Either for content or mental reasons, sometimes I gotta force writing a post.

I'm still really enjoying the blogging, the writing. It continues to help me think about the topics and technical practices.

I'm a bit more focused on the technical practices right now, but it's an important thing for me.

As I mentioned last year; this is for me. I welcome you along for the ride. I love the conversations that've come up with people about my posts, often they inspire more posts!

I'm still enjoying this; and that's all I need to keep doing it.

Thanks for reading and being part of the experiment with me.

  • Quinn
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