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NOTE: This was written about a year before posting.

As mentioned in the last UWP post; we're going to reset a little and get just a single item going through the entire pipe. Losing the idea of Items for now and focus on just an Item and the ItemView.

This is a bit of a refactor on the code base. I might end up dropping some tests. I don't want a "Title" field. Just the ItemView.

I've been fighting the code a bit. It's feel dirty and hacky.

I've been building up some foundational pieces of the pipe slowing trying to make some widgets come into existence.

I'm gonna try to start a UI with a wrapped list view; and see how making a UI off of that goes.

a bunch of time passes

I started playing around doing the list control. I was fighting the code. Tooth and bloody nail it resisted what I was trying to do.
I took a step back; thought about what I was trying to do and realized I was trying to drive implementation from a few layers up.

Recently in a code kata it was highlighted that I was trying to drive the implementation through expected results instead of via the requirements. This had the same smell. I was trying to drive the framework by the top level (essentially). I took the step back; looked at what I want to be doing.
I want a View, with a list that contains Item controls that display item information. I'm trying to drive all this from the view. Not just a little; but the whole thing. At this time I don't really know what I want the list or view to do... but I'm trying to implement the Item Control from TDDing at the page level. This is not working; nor should it. While I could try a few things... This is a situation; not sure how rare; that I'll do a support class first. I know I need it; like 100% know. If it's any less, then nope. Drive it via the test. I guess I am driving it from the tests; I just need to not drive the whole implementation from the high level.

Getting the control for a single item TDD'd is my current goal. It's a simple goal; which is what we should be able to break things down into.

I finally got the ItemRoom widget to display! I was trying to do too much though. I was looking to build up the whole control. Nope. I should have stopped and displayed the Title.
Then added Author. As it sits; it has both title and author for the first display.

It's simple and ugly - but it's mine! I don't have a good way to provide it the item yet. That's not the goal though, not really.
The pipe works. That's the big piece here.

I've been working on this post for a while; a little over 2 weeks. I've churned a lot on getting to this point. Not a lot of information to write about; but I feel a large step was taken in understanding better how to get things developed. SMALLEST POSSIBLE! HOLY HELL... DO THE SMALLEST POSSIBLE!!!

Until next time space coders.

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