I've never worked with Electron before; but have plenty of apps that run on it. The Ghost Editor itself is built on electron. Quite a few apps run whole instance of Chromium just for themselves... hehe

The quick start guide was great. I was able to get in and start importing my stuff quickly. I was doing it just through HTML and then I hit CORS - so I needed a new solution.

I built up a quick and dirty app that allows simple drag and drop of blog posts for rescheduling. It's very dirty. Like... really.

It's mostly dirty becuse I don't know WTF I'm doing with Electron. I don't know how to save things to disk... or load them... or best practices... No idea. This is a hack.

Ghost Rescheduler

I hope some others find use of this. Maybe even improve it?! Ehhh - ehhh?
Whatever. It does what I need; that's all I need. I've solved my problem; and now I write a quick post about it. :)