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Drag and Drop rescheduling of Ghost posts with Electron

I've never worked with Electron before; but have plenty of apps that run on it. The Ghost Editor itself is built on electron. Quite a few apps run whole instance of Chromium just for themselves... hehe

The quick start guide was great. I was able to get in and start importing my stuff quickly. I was doing it just through HTML and then I hit CORS - so I needed a new solution.

I built up a quick and dirty app that allows simple drag and drop of blog posts for rescheduling. It's very dirty. Like... really.

It's mostly dirty becuse I don't know WTF I'm doing with Electron. I don't know how to save things to disk... or load them... or best practices... No idea. This is a hack.

Ghost Rescheduler

I hope some others find use of this. Maybe even improve it?! Ehhh - ehhh?
Whatever. It does what I need; that's all I need. I've solved my problem; and now I write a quick post about it. :)

Quinn Gil

Quinn Gil

Seattle Code Crafter. Quinn beats the drum of FAST Agile, Extreme Programming and Object Oriented Design through MicroObjects. He blogs for fun and frustration of exploring new concepts.

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Drag and Drop rescheduling of Ghost posts with Electron
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