My Thoughts

My Thoughts

I assume the general attitude about what I think is, "Shut up already" but... I never listen. :-P

I'm looking to do some more frequent small posts, that don't require the level of technical involvement as my a couple of series Android Logger or HackerNews Android App.

Book reviews are on the list of things to do... but those are gonna constitute heavy posts. I need to do a lot more structure and backing to those. My first (currently only) review was... not the best.

I have a few posts in progress that are essentially me going on a rant/ramble - and I enjoy sharing my thoughts on topics like that. Not looking to provide technical excellence examples; but to enable communication about how I view a topic.
The longer posts don't get posted quickly as I tend to be looking at a broader topic which requires a bit more being put into it. One of these is what I consider best practices. It's a big topic. These tend to have a lot of related smaller points that feels better as a big post for the first time. Once a post like that is available; each sub-topic can be re-covered with the bigger post as as a context setting reference.

For the small ones; things I can ramble about via my phone while sitting at my daughter's practices. :)

Just rambling thoughts on some topic.

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