µObjects: Being Encapsulated

Encapsulation for objects is, IMO, how well the data is hidden. Encapsulation is only acting via behavior from an object. Never getting data and doing something. A well encapsulated object is also a very cohesive object. These traits tend to enhance each other. µObjects encourage this. How do µObjects encourage this? As an industry, we're pretty lacking on encapsulating things. At the most basic level; µObjects want a single behavior. [Read More]

µObjects: Pizza Shop new Reqs

Pizza's going great! We've got our system in place; we've cleaned up our code! We have µObjects everywhere! In my ideal; there aren't enough tests. All behavior is still covered; test coverage is at 100% for everything except our Money object. Which was pulled in from another source; so not all of it's Equals/GetHashCode lines are hit. I use code coverage to figure out what methods may be up [Read More]