µObjects: Being CLEAN

Beyond Legacy Code's CLEAN I've read David Bernstein's Beyond Legacy Code and clearly enjoyed it. :) One of the concepts he expands on in the book is "Clean Code". He takes this and makes it into an acronym, "CLEAN code". Well... just the "CLEAN" is the acronym. It's five concepts for producing high quality code. Cohesive Loosely Couples Encapsulate Assertive Nonredundant Code quality is maintainability; [Read More]

µObjects: Being Loosely Coupled

Loose coupling is about how much a class knows about the objects it's using. The less a class knows about the components it is using; the better the decoupling. Or they are loosely coupled. How do µObjects fair with being loosely coupled? That's what I want to show today. µObjects are loosely coupled by coding to an interface A good start to classes being loosely coupled is coding to the [Read More]

µObjects: Being Cohesive

Cohesion for objects is how well the behaviors in the class belong together. Some very non-cohesive behaviors would be multiplying two numbers and splitting a string. Multiplying and Raising to a power can be very cohesive behaviors. How do µObjects do cohesion? That's what this is about. The simplest is - They only have one behavior. Let's dig into a little detail. µObjects are single purpose. Intrinsicly highly cohesive class [Read More]